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April 2014

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2014 UFO Conference

Just got back from the International UFO Conference in Arizona.

Met some nice people... heard some interesting lectures.
Had an unexplainable experience one night
Nice to get away from Seattle ... I skipped one lecture every day to have some time at the pool!!!

Here is there site if you're interested in 2015:

Metaphysics and Jury Duty

I've often wondered how I would handle jury duty.

Before my head injury I was highly intuitive, so it's likely I would have known "the truth" no matter what came out in court. I wondered how I would deal with it, if there were to be a conflict between what I "knew" and the responsibility of a juror to follow the judge's instruction regarding preponderance of evidence, etc.

Today, December 10, 2013, was the first time I appeared in person to a jury summons. In the past, every time I was called, I had to be excused for financial/motherhood/job reasons.

This time, I wanted to go & my boss didn't want to write a letter, so I went.  I had a 'feeling' I might be selected, but I knew odds were slim based on what the jury management materials stated.

I showed up, along with over a hundred other potential jurors and I was picked as number eight for a civil trial.  This particular case needed only six jurors.  As the attorneys did basic interviews of the 13 of us... I still felt I would somehow be one of the six.

I was- I was juror number five when all was said and done.

Since my intuition has been on the back burner for a year, I felt I could more easily follow the rule of law- without any intuitive insights hampering me.

Fortunately, everything lined up well.  I was easily able to follow the legal guidelines established by the judge.  I listened impartially to the witnesses and did not favor either of the attorneys.  I was able to remain neutral without much effort.

My intuition quietly emerged, but it lined up perfectly with matters of law, with the behavior and testimony of the plaintiff and defendant, etc.

We were getting close to summary/closing statements when the defendant said something he wasn't supposed to.  Prosecutor asked for a side-bar. We were ushered to the jury room.

The judge came in 20 minutes later and told us he'd called a mistrial.

I didn't get to experience deliberation.  The defendant will have another trial in January we were told.  If I heard right, my service won't be required for 3-5 years in the County where I live.

I wanted to go further. I wanted to deliberate and see a verdict rendered.
I wanted the sad, sad eyes of each party to be repaired.
I want the sadness, desperation and bad behavior of people to stop
I want so many things....and today I got confirmation that while I think of myself alot lately, I surely want healing and good outcomes for others. I want it for strangers.

I want their tears to stop.

Almost 2014

Hi everyone!

It's the day after Thanksgiving & I have a rare day off of work. I've been feeling the inspiration to write surging through my veins. Man- it's been a while.

A year go, on November 12, 2012 I fainted & fell from a standing position. I hit the back of my head & part of my left shoulder on the floor, taking out a chunk of my left shoulder at the same time.
A few days later I was told I had a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). At my two month checkup I was told it would take about two years to feel "like normal".  While I was grateful the damage was not permanent, I didn't want to wait two years.

I decided to get better in six months. For the most part, I did physically recover in six months. I continued with my monthly checkups and at nine months I felt- with a few exceptions- I had mostly recovered.  I am about to go in for my one year checkup.

There are some residual effects from the injury. I still can't do readings or energy therapy. For the first 11 months if I as much as tried, I'd get an instant headache and feel ill/weak/tired.
For even the closest of friends who were used to asking me for intuitive insight or to help them heal a physical ailment, I could do nothing.  I got used to saying "I can't".

It hurt Soooooo much and it drained every ounce of energy I had... to try.
It's been a year of "No" to energy work and "I don't get anything" to 95% of the questions I've been asked

Wow- what a change.
The injury was so damaging that I didn't have too much of an emotional connection to the fact I couldn't function like myself that way.

It was somewhat like the eight month period a couple years back where my intuition went on vacation. Like that, but this time there was physical pain when I tried.  Yikes!

If you come across this post & you've written to me hoping for an answer, I hope you saw the announcement on the "services" page of my website
It says I am not taking appointments at this time.

I don't have energy to return emails either. None. Zero. Nadda. If I open an email & I feel some excitement and I want to respond... by the time I push "reply" to start composing something I am done. As though whatever energy I have is immediately evaporated, gone, extinguished.

I can't explain it, but I need to protect myself & the wellness I am striving for.

Interestingly, a week ago I started feeling the inkling to write again. Pretty sure it was things that happened at work.  I wanted to create an anonymous blog where I could bash clients and do it using humor.  It was therapeutic to contemplate that.

But... I don't have the energy to consider a project.

The energy to write kept swirling and today I decided that even though I don't have anyone to help me yet again rebuild this site, or to properly link the blog at the website with THIS blog which I prefer, I figured that anyone who reallllyyyy is meant to read this or who wants to read it will figure out how to get here.  I won't give up, I'll keep trying to find the right person to help me.

Quick personal highlights from the last year:
The company I work for was purchased by a large Title Company and I have been working six days a week.That's probably another reason why my brain still hurts. Every ounce of energy (and some I don't really have) are being used to provide for my family.  I have nothing left to apply toward writing, energy work or consultations.  It's the way it is- for now.  I had to made a decision & that's the one I made.  Not permanent, but needs to be.

My daughter is doing GREAT!
My sons are doing well- the oldest one opened his own gym in Portland Oregon specializing in performance and competitive athletes.  He met his fiance when he was training her to compete in Olympic Weightlifting. They are adorable.
My younger son is still surprising me & probably always will. He lives with his girlfriend and their two dogs about 20 minutes from me. I get funny & informative texts that tell me how grownup he's getting.  Geesch.

With the little physical energy I have (after working six days a week) I am able to read again (wasn't able to for months after the brain injury)... I've started watching tv for the first time in years.  I was missing some good stuff!

I am able to meditate again- even that was something that I struggled with after the injury.
I've been working with a rolfer who has helped me, for the first time in twenty years, have days when I am pain free or have less pain from an old back injury. I have hope that every day will be pain free.  I won't give up!

In August I joined Toastmasters International. If you don't know what that is, it is an organization dedicated to helping people develop their public speaking skills  and/or leadership ability.

 I've given two speeches so far & am about to deliver my third.  My friend Darla offered to video me and get them on the web... since most of them have some kind of metaphysical spin... I thought that made sense.

On November 12th 2013 I received flowers at work. The card said "no enclosure card was requested".  No- I didn't call the florist because I used to BE a florist & I know that unless you have a stalking situation & a court-order, they do not have to tell you who sent them. I also know that if someone walks in and pays cash... the florist would have no record anyhow.
I do know they weren't from any clients or close friends. I've asked everyone.
It's probably from an estranged family member & is some kind of control thing... I truly don't know.

BUT... November 12th is a crazy day for that to have happened. It's my Twin Soul's birthday and it's the exact one year anniversary of the brain injury. No shit.  Weird, right?
So that remains a mystery & is notable.

Last year on this day- the day after Thanksgiving- I had a visitor. My friend JJ who had been in my weekly development (medium-ship/metaphysics) group. We stayed in touch by email & text for a couple months & I thought we'd see each other when he got back in town. We never did. Ouch. Many months later I was at a psychic fair and although I usually don't see psychics (I already know stuff, right)?  I had two ladies go off the charts with their description of a man who would be my future business partner. It had to do with metaphysics. Independent of one another they described JJ so precisely I was floored. I mulled it over for a while & then reached out.
We talked on the phone a few times, texted, emailed... then it stopped again and I have no idea why.
He's a very kind person...really confused me and I miss him.
So here's to you JJ- thank you for the evening and conversation we shared a year go. You're still the most interesting person I've met that is aware of an interested in the same kind of metaphysical things I am. I thought we would explore together.  Damn.  Miss you.

Happy Holidays everyone- it feels good to take a stab at this writing thing again. Dog at my feet, the house warming up...pumpkin pie on the counter from yesterday. Yee Haw!

New Site Is Launched!

Please update your favorites/bookmarks!
My new site  has launched!

This blog will remain in place for a while, but a new blog is being integrated with the new site. Eventually all posts (new and archived) will be available at the new site.

The future of my Twin Flame Blog and site

Quickly wanted to update you on what I have been doing behind the scenes.

I suspected when I began writing publicly that many would resonate with my work but I can't adequately express how much your kindness has meant to me. It's beautiful. I have access to statistics that show me how many readers swing by daily/weekly/monthly and I am so proud that you all share your time with me and the readership continues to grow from month to month!

I haven't been posting frequently and while it's partially because my twin is no longer in my physical life (less to comment on in real time), it's also because I have more pots in the fire than one woman should ever do! 

Work on my book has slowed, but continues to be drafted in my mind and on post it notes left everywhere imaginable.

My research into the nature of soul connections and Twin Flames in particular has taken many new avenues. All the information is being documented to be shared in the future.

I am working with some amazing professionals who are helping me rebuild my Website which I hope to launch late-spring 2012. Through the new site you will have access to more videos and more materials on metaphysics/soul connections and Twin Flames.

Be prepared to have your mind blown away many more times.

I am writing ebooks that will be offered when the new site is launched.  They will offer information that I know is needed and desired- without you having to wait until the book is ready. 

I don't know exactly how everything ( book, videos, ebooks, articles, blog posts) will come together as I roll into 2012 but even if you don't see frequent posts you can rest assured I am working hard behind the scenes.  I am absolutely exhausted by the volume of research and work I am doing on so many different aspects of soul-connection research, but this is my passion and I simply can't not do it.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this period that may seem like cocooning- there is much I hope to share with you later this year & in the years to come.

Love to all,

Lightworkers Amp It Up- Recalibration Technique

Listen To Podcast:

Download | Duration: 00:03:56

2012 The Year of Light (and Light Workers)

Warmest thoughts everyone!

2012 will bring incredible opportunities and challenges to lightworkers. 

Let's kick some lightworker & Twin Soul ass everybody. Let's do this. We can.

We can do anything we decide to do.

If we do it together we can do it quicker and more efficiently. Melt the veil of forgetfullness and fill the spaces where darkness would wish to reside.

Let the lightworker energy shine proud, firm, strong and radient!

Let's make strides as individuals and groups to be the light SO STRONG that earth people wake up in masses!  2012. This is our time, this is our shot.  This is when we can turn the corner. Let's do this Earth & Earth people!

We are energy- we are love- we are soul- we are light.  Let's never again forget!

All my love,


My Answer to a Really Good Twin Flame Question

To answer a question From K.A.M. (paraphrased)

"If you are certain- truly certain- that you are a Twin... it is your duty, your obligation, your mission, your divine responsibility.... Twins would not have been selected for this difficult work if they and the universe/god weren't certain they could fulfill their agreement."

I am trying to understand the difference of what you state there versus when you wrote about “Nobody Is Exempt From the Standards You Establish, not even your Twin"

This is a fabulous question and I’m grateful to have the chance to address it!

I’m going to infuse a thought block “energetic understanding” into this post in hopes there will be no misunderstandings.

You can work with another, including your Twin Soul, at any point if they are trying to move forward or have asked for assistance.  You can work with them energetically; through heart-communication, telepathic communication, through any kind of non-physical communication. It is ok to work with them if they have asked for your patience, your understanding, or for help. To be clear, they may literally ask you (with words) or they may come to you in meditation or even in a dream and ask for help. In all of these cases it’s fine and in fact, important, that you do what you can without compromising anything of yourself.

What is *not* ok are the following two things.  Please be kind with yourself and remember the Twin Soul experience is a process. It’s doubtful any of us would be aware of this if we were in the early stages of the experience. 

You must hold your ground on the physical level; that is you must reach the point of confidence and strength within yourself that you adhere to your OWN standards, not theirs, but YOURS.  If you would not allow another person to treat you in a certain way, then you’ve got to understand by lowering your standards with your Twin-Soul you are not passing a critical soul-test.

I failed it myself so trust me, I’m speaking in hindsight here from the vantage point of someone who sees it now, and who saw it and was aware of it at the time it was happening, but for him I allowed it. That was my mistake.  In my case, that means I allowed him in my life when nobody else, absolutely zero other individuals would have ever been allowed anywhere near me if they behaved in the same manner.  I was mesmerized and enchanted by the connection and knowingly lowered my standards for him. I was aware of what I was doing at the time. I am sharing what I have learned so you have at least the information and perhaps can avoid that same error.

I realize now I had been given the most fascinating opportunity.  I had been presented with the strongest kind of soul-bond and I focused on that; not on the opportunity it presented for ME.  As hard as it is, and as an unimaginable as it may seem if you’re in the middle of it, your love and respect for  yourself MUST come first. It MUST.  You must be strong enough and confident enough in yourself that you’re willing to walk away from even your Twin-Soul if they mis-treat you in any way.

It is the ultimate test of your boundaries. How many lives did you live in order to be the strong and confident person you are?  Many!  It’s critical that you hold true to those boundaries and guidelines with your Twin-Soul. They are NOT exempt from your standards.

The standards you hold on the physical level are just those- they apply to physical relationships.

If your Twin has asked or has given you an indication they wish to grow, to learn, to explore the connection, to heal or to communicate with you, if they have asked for your assistance in any way; then it’s absolutely ok you do what you can for them as long as it doesn’t compromise the energy you need for yourself.

If your Twin-Flame has chosen another path, if they have walked away from you or if you’ve needed to walk away from them (with no likelihood of healthy human interaction for the foreseeable future) you must stop putting energy toward the connection and must retain it for yourself. I’m referring here to working with their soul.  You can think of this however you like; there is a high-level soul lesson here; but even if you do it because you simply don’t have enough energy to share- you must not try to work with your Twin-Soul if they no longer wish you to. If they have demonstrated by one means or another that they do not wish to be in your life in any capacity- let them go.

Dreams and other soul-type communication will likely not stop; but in time you’ll find a way to think of them as interesting; be aware of them, note them in a journal; but you won’t focus on them. Do not put much energy toward the continued soul-link experiences. They are showing you the link remains and it’s just that simple; I assure you that putting energy or clinging to these things will hold you back from where you’re meant to go.

Do not prevent yourself from growing because you insist on hanging onto the soul-aspects of a Twin-Soul connection. Faith and trust that what is meant to be will be, is different from putting energy to where it does not benefit you and therefore you are literally harming yourself.


When there is physical interaction: Make your standards known and hold to them.

In these times, energy work, soul communication, meditations for healing, anything like that is great and it does help. You will see signs as they manifest outwardly in your Twin.  No matter how tempting, do NOT lower your standards in terms of the physical interaction.

If despite their efforts your Twin can’t explore the connection and has made that clear, it is NOT your duty to work with them on the soul-level.  Doing so is harmful to you and to the connection.

Even in this phase, you’ll still get messages; but what you must do is avoid focusing on them and take all the energy you’d been putting into the ‘connection’   and give it to YOU. 

This is *so* much easier said than done, I know. I assure you that when you reach this level of understanding, there is so much freedom! 

The bottom line is pretty simple(1) If you are in the physical stages and are being treated well, both of you should do whatever you can to assist the other. (2) If you are in the physical stages and one or both are behaving poorly;  keep your boundaries in place and work on the soul-level.  (3) If you are separated you must not spend energy toward your Twin or to the connection; while studying and learning about these connections is fine; it’s imperative that you direct all available resources on yourself fully. If you do so, your insights and understanding of the purpose of this connection in your life will come quickly. Nobody can get you to that stage- you must experience it directly.  Do not postpone this revelation by giving up any of your own soul’s resources; use your energy and your wisdom on you!

Nobody Is Exempt From the Standards You Establish

If I said it’s not your responsibility to protect, heal, fix or save anyone, you’d agree, right?  We learn this if we’re even partially paying attention to the laws of the universe & human nature.

Most of us already know that the only person we can change is ourselves.  If other people ask us for support, to teach them, to help them, that’s a different story, but we can never do these things when it’s not asked of us.

The same rule applies to Twin Flame connections- Twin Souls do not get a dispensation. 

Your twin soul is like any other soul in the sense that you must KNOW (not think/feel/assume) but KNOW you cannot fix/heal/save them. Even at their request, you can offer wisdom, counsel, and advice, but you can’t do the work for them.  Do you KNOW this?

Twin Flames offer us many chances for self-assessment. Those of us who have come close to mastering certain universal lessons and feel we have received an “A”… now we move on to graduate school of those same lessons.  Can you honor yourself and the lessons you know to be true; even when tested by your Twin Soul?

Do not flinch or falter in the standards you set for how you will be treated.

Do not compromise in your expectations of others; even the strongest of connections…

From that place all things become possible.




Recommendation- Jenna Forrest

Jenna Forrest is offering classes about the stages of a Twin Flame relationship.  I am honored to refer you to her work!

Please let her know I sent you! I don't recieve anything for the referral   but I'd love her to know I referred you.

I have read Jenna's book, seen many of her videos and read the material on her web site.  Jenna is real, genuine and lovely. She is an authentic healer.   Her materials resonate strongly for me... 

I'd love to know more about what Jenna thinks and has learned from her own experience. I may try to take the classes myself !

This link should take you to informaiton on the classes: