Extreme Manifesting

Manifesting is something I do all the time. Like breathing.

There are things that work best when you keep the manifestation to yourself (protect the energy of the manifestation) and other things are ok to declare publicly. Your intuition will tell you the difference. Generally, keeping the energy (of the manifestation) to yourself yields stronger results.

I’ll share a few examples of extreme manifesting that I have experienced.  These examples are documented. Is it necessary for a third party to validate a manifestation- absolutely NOT!  I am sharing documented examples solely for the purpose of encouraging you to work on your manifesting techniques or to explain this metaphysical concept to you if you’re not familiar.

Eight years ago I was making a decent wage but it wasn’t sufficient to support myself and three children.  Not even close.  I relied on every penny of child support and still struggled and worried month to month.  I decided to manifest a new career that would double my salary in two years time.  I’d manifested other less challenging things before, so why not trust that this could be done?

In my daily manifestation time (like a meditation time), I told the universe I wanted to double my salary within two years.  I was careful not to predefine what that job would be.

I visualized myself at a job I enjoyed, where I felt appreciated and was providing a needed service.  I saw myself feeling smart and trusted.  I visualized my monthly bank statement - the balance growing every month.  I pictured a ground floor office with free parking & I could see trees outside the window.  I did this consistently for months.  One day I knew the answer! It took a giant leap of faith and trust. I quit my modestly paying but stable job with benefits and took a job that was commission only with no benefits.  A huge risk for anyone, a single parent in particular.  That job (in 8 months time) led me to the owner of the company where I now work.  My current boss recruited me away from the commission only job. My starting salary was just over two times what I had been making a year and a half before. It had benefits!  From the month I first started manifesting to my first day on the salaried job was about 18 months.   This can be documented by pay stubs. Guess what- it’s on the ground floor, you can see trees out the windows & I park on the street a block away from work!

My second manifestation story involves real estate and is tied to my daughter’s health.  My daughter had been ill for quite a time and deep inside I knew we needed to move.  I’d planned to wait until she graduated from high school to move, but my intuition told me that moving sooner would help her. I’d been working on fixing up my house for years- mostly with my own hands.  It needed to fetch top dollar.  I was caught exactly when the market turned. I went through two realtors & many buyers’s who couldn’t get financing.  In the end, after taking a $50,000 “hit” on what it had been valued at a year prior, I was one of the lucky ones who sold at all.  That leg was done, but we had nowhere to go. There was nothing on the market remotely appropriate.

Two weeks before closing on my sale I found a tiny apartment that would take dogs. We had two doggies. So, two kids and two dogs and I moved into an apartment the size of a closet. We moved with no prospect on the horizon of a suitable new home.  After a couple months I started feeling despondent. People weren’t putting their homes on the market unless they had to because of declining market conditions.  I decided to manifest our new home.  Every weekend I drove to the area I wanted to live in. I’d park the car & take the little dog and we would walk for at least an hour while I’d say out loud “We will live in this neighborhood very soon. We’re going to find the perfect house and we’re going to take walks where we’ll see a view of the water every day!  Our house will have enough room for all of us and a large yard for you and me!”

I repeated that mantra at every opportunity. There was a property I’d driven past many times- the energy of it felt good from the street.  It was a classic 1950s Brady Bunch rambler with exterior stonework, deep eaves and a circular driveway with established gardens.  I was at work one day when I got an email showing a new listing…. It was that house!  The asking price made my heart sink.  It was $75K over my top dollar price.  I couldn’t risk my ability to provide for the family by buying even slightly out of my price range.  Another house came on the market on a lovely street- but it was an “ok” house. It was a logical choice, but my heart didn’t feel it. I had to consider it because we were going stir crazy in the tiny apartment. After being responsible and going to the “ok” house three times & bringing a contractor to see how much it would cost to make it into something I could love… I was devastated at the remodeling cost & knew it wasn’t practical.

When I got back to the apartment- on the same afternoon as feeling sad that the ‘practical’ house couldn’t be turned into a home to love I got an email notifying me that the “be still my heart house” had dropped in price.  It was still out of my range… but only by $25K now! I went back to the rambler & saw how the kids’ faces lit up in there…how I felt “at home”… I felt like “this is it”. I have to try. I’ll never know if I just give up.

After six weeks of back & forth we came to terms with the seller- my offer was accepted and we’ve now lived here for a year and a half.  EVERY day I wake up, put my feet on the floor & feel grateful for this home. I know in my heart that I manifested this house.  The Seller accepted my offer over several higher offers because I was the only one who didn’t have a property to sell & he wanted a quick non contingent closing.  Can you say everything happens for a reason? I got it at my price & I am so blessed!  Every hardship was worth it; my daughter started doing better immediately after moving… we have a double lot just like I promised the poochies and kids.

My third example is a silly one that the ladies may appreciate.  After my Twin & I separated for the first time… before I understood the nature of our connection, I was plain old confused, angry, hurt, miserable and I handled it the way anyone would who is dealing with a personality/ego relationship.  I became a party girl for the summer.  I over scheduled myself with the intent to always be busy- always appear to be active & having fun, so that I wouldn’t think about Twin. Yah, I know that now… it’s impossible.  But I hadn’t quite figured it out at the time & went to every measure to try and not think of him.  I wanted to prove to myself that I was desirable and what a better way to put Twin on the back burner than to meet other men, right? (Not my normal personality by the way- I was desperate for any relief from the pain of separation)!

I decided to combine my love of country music with learning to Two-Step & decided to go to a country bar with a girlfriend one Saturday night.  For an entire week before that I walked around my office saying “I want to meet big boys with big trucks and kiss in the parking lot”.  Those were the exact words. I have witnesses!  I must have said it thirty times & my friends thought I was hysterical.  I wasn’t trying to be funny.  Not really.  I couldn’t imagine a better distraction.

Fast forward to the country dance club that night… my friend & I were never alone.  Boys stopped by our table all night long.  We learned the basics of the Two-Step and I was loving the music.  Then… suddenly… the biggest guy I’d ever seen walked through the front door and walked in a beeline to our table (no stopping to socialize along the way) & he sat down on my left.  He introduced himself to each of us but was clearly interested in me.  He offered to buy us a drink, we declined. He was 28.  I was 47 – I told my friend to keep her mouth shut. I was busy being desired. He was a body guard for an executive’s family in a city 25 minutes from us.  We talked about regular things… an actual real conversation- not a drunken bar conversation.  After an hour he said “Wanna go outside”?  I am old and I am not a very good flirt so it took me a second before I clued in. “Yup”, I said & took his extended hand and followed him out to the parking lot.  He walked us past where people were smoking.  He led us far enough away from the building for privacy- yet close enough to people that I felt safe.  We kissed for fifteen minutes in the parking lot. He was so much taller than me that even on my tiptoes I had a hard time meeting lips.  I remember touching his biceps and thinking- even while kissing- oh my god his arms are HUGE! Considering I was making out with a stranger … the stranger was a gentleman. And I was just slutty enough to make this a great story to tell.

We went back inside, finished our drinks… he asked for my phone# which I gave him & which he used a while after that night, but I didn’t do anything about it.

It wasn’t until the following Monday when I was telling the story at work that it hit me- OMG! I manifested him! I manifested to extreme perfection exactly what I’d been saying I wanted.  The hugest man ever (not heavy, just big), who walked in the front door & came directly to me.  His muscled body parts were bigger than I can explain.  We kissed in the parking lot precisely as I manifested.  I confess I have no idea what he drove but because I trust the universe so much- I’m sure it was a gigantic FN truck.

You see the universe can be funny even with manifesting.  It used this extreme example to show me the power of my ability to manifest.  You can do it too!

© Moe Wood 2010


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  • 7/15/2010 6:20 AM j-bird wrote:

    Thank you for sharing yourself and your Extreme Manifestation experiences. For me, the manifestation of your dream house is quite poignant to read and your teaching sends a strong message as to how unlimited we are once we get our “me/myself/I” out of the way. We can tap into our inner soul power connected to the divine and dance the “harmonious dance” with the universal soul, one step at a time, one dream at a time. Are these the steps you used? Here is what I summarize you did and would love further guidance on this:
    1. You clearly defined your desire – the dream house.
    2. You affirmed yourself in concordance with your desire with good intention and unconditional love for your daughter.
    3. You then activated your soul to connect into the universal energetic field of action.
    4. You took charge of your thoughts/actions in the NOW moment and remained on course.
    5. You gave it all to the universe to assist you in this creation. No ego stood in your way.
    6. You surrendered. This one is the most important step in my opinion. There cannot be a single doubt and we must completely trust and surrender to love.
    7. It happened ...proof is in the living – you are living it NOW.

    Looking forward to more and more teaching from you.
    Deeply grateful ... j-bird
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  • 7/16/2010 4:40 PM Moe wrote:
    Great questions. Hope I do them justice.
    While you do define the desired outcome, you simultaneously let the details go fuzzy.  You state what you want to experience overall, but you don't paint a concrete picture of it. You trust the Universe to take care of it the best way for you- which may surpsass what you could have envisioned.

    You do need to stay true to the manifestation.  If you tweak things around,  the energy becomes cloudy and can affect the result.  EG: if you keep changing your mind, the universe won't know how to deliver. You can not draw to yourself  what you aren't clear on.

    Surrender is KEY-yes!  You must trust yourself AND the Universe (replace with the word God or Soul if you like)  unconditionally. It's the ONLY way it will be successful. State your intent- do it often - see yourself living the results. Then let the universe handle it from there.

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